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Fully functional command line SMTP mailer.
Add multiple attachments, cc, and bcc recipients. Only $49.
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Company Overview

The company SmtpInfo was founded in 2005 based on the wish to create high quality software for the Internet community.

Our first goal was to maintain a list of available SMTP servers available to the public in different parts of the world. Since the release this list has become more and more popular. The list is still active and thanks to the users our web site it is still growing.

With the increased traffic on the web site we quickly saw the need for products that would help the users send emails via the SMTP protocol. This is why we started to create the products you can find on this site.

Our philosophy is that there should be a freeware edition of each product. This enables all users to get access to the basic functionality found in the product. On top of that there will be a commercial professional edition. The commercial version has extended functionality and helps finance the further development of both the freeware and the commercial product.